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Prison Ministry PrayerFoundation Ministries' Prison Bible School has been designed to help correction facility professionals meet the need of providing sound, practical teaching to inmates.  Our curriculum has been developed to give the inmate a self-guided tour through studies designed to build their character while challenging their minds.  Students enrolled in the Prison Bible School will learn the Word of God and those things that are pertinent to living the Christian life today.  They will gain this comprehensive instruction through practical studies like "Dealing with Discouragement" and "Overcoming Sinful Habits," to more detailed courses such as "Hindrances to Prayer" and "The Mysteries of God."   The student will also be taken on a survey of the Scriptures through verse by verse studies in some of the most pertinent and practical books of the Bible.

It is not our desire to "puff up" with the abundance of knowledge, but rather to give the inmates the keys to unlock the integrity and self-discipline to succeed in life.  Prison Bible School wants to give them the tools to be productive citizens both inside and outside of the correctional facilities.

When given the opportunity, a staff member or church facilitator of Prison Bible School will come to your correctional facility and completely set up a school to offer these studies to inmates FREE OF CHARGE!  We have been in the adult Christian education ministry since 1987 and have been placing schools in prisons since 1993, so we understand the need to sometimes customize our program to meet specific needs in each institution.  This school is completely prison user-friendly and is flexible enough to accommodate special needs without compromising the integrity of the school or prison.  

Prison Bible School is a self-operating school that is maintained and overseen by a local church facilitator.  Our facilitators are familiar with our curriculum and have been trained to work in cooperation with chaplains and correctional professionals.  We have a long history of successful schools that have become a vital and integral part of many chapel programs.

Our curriculum, methodology, and staff have been tried and proven to work well in all areas of the correction environment.  Our unique program even offers options for inmates that begin their education in prison and transfer to other facilities or are discharged back into society.  This is not a typical prison Bible study, but college courses that upon satisfactory completion will yield the Graduate of Theology Degree (Thg)


Won't you consider allowing Prison Bible School to implement this program in your facility?

             Inmate Testimony

My faith is strengthened each day and I hope to become more knowledgeable of God and His Son (my Saviour) by studying this course and staying in �His Word� and mercy.  I thank Jesus for your guidance. Amen.   -L.R.N.

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           Chaplain Testimony

We have had the Bible school studies at EMCF since Jan. 2002. In that time around 300 offenders have enrolled and completed most of the units. They are excited to come to class each time it is offered. Their Bible classes are the highlight of their week. Of all the offenders who have completed the entire program and have been discharged back to society not one has returned. I believe that speaks for itself. A Bible based program is essential in a prison setting if we are to change offenders into God fearing, law abiding citizens.
                              -Chaplain J. N.

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    Administrator Testimony

You are currently providing the Bible College material in some of our Florida Faith-Based Dormitories. The Chaplains are very happy with the results. The men enjoy the studies and are learning about themselves as well as increasing their spiritual knowledge. I believe that changes in their beliefs will also be reflected in their lifestyle. Once a person acknowledges the existence of God they also acknowledge their responsibility to God. Your Bible classes are helping to build a solid foundation of moral values that will keep these men and women out of prison...
Chaplaincy Services Specialist

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