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It is our goal here at Prison Bible School to provide a means by which each and every interested inmate can obtain a quality Biblical education free of charge.

 We plan to accomplish this by starting Bible colleges inside correctional facilities, primarily through the Chapel library.  Each school will be overseen by a local church facilitator, who will come into the prison monthly and maintain the school.  Each facilitator will be trained by the staff of Prison Bible School and will be familiar with the curriculum.  They, in turn, will train the library clerks or chapel workers how to check out the material to the inmates.  The curriculum is a self-study program that does not require classroom teachers, so it operates with very little supervision.  When a student is done with a particular UNIT of study, they will turn it into the clerk to be picked up by the facilitator on his next visit to the institution.  The work will be taken back to the local church, graded, and then a report card will be returned to the student.  This program requires little or no help from the already overworked chaplains.  All the chaplain has to do is allow us the opportunity to bring in the curriculum and start the school.

 �Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?
by taking heed thereto according to thy word.�
Psalms 119:9



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