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First Year Courses of Study:



Lesson 1         Basic Training For Christian Soldiers - A new convert�s guide for Christian living with a review of salvation.
(Co-authored by missionary Bill Pierce)


Lesson 2         The Turn � A book explaining the period of time just prior to one�s salvation. Good soul winning insights.


Lesson 3         The Narrow Place � A book describing the day of adversity when salvation takes place.


Lesson 4         By Faith Through Faith  - A comparison of these two New Testament terms; parallels salvation and service with damnation by works.

Lesson 5         Iniquity, Sin, And Transgression � A book defining their differences and their application to man�s spirit, soul, and body respectively and how the Lord eradicated each at Calvary.


Lesson 6         Prescription Drugs & The Spirit � Recent studies reveal an overlooked cause for the church�s falling away�it is drugs. 


Lesson 1         Philippians � A verse-by-verse expose` on the general Christian experience.  Not what�s going on around us so much as in us, and then the outworking of the mind of Christ through us.

Lesson 2         Personal Devotions � A very practical study that will teach the student how to turn basic bible reading into a source for personal spiritual growth.


Lesson 3         Complete Salvation � The tricotomy of man is dissected in this book, delineating the body, soul and spirit, and their relations to each other, as well as things that relate them.

Lesson 4         Security Guaranteed � This treatise reveals and reinforces God�s promises to the saints concerning their eternal destiny once they simply take God at His Word.

Lesson 5         Conquer Discouragement � Biblical solutions for burdensome situations are dealt with, thus stabilizing our walk with the Lord regardless of our wounds in life.

Lesson 6         When Christians Sin � This study addresses our inevitable sins of the flesh after salvation that affects our state, outlining God�s forgiving and restorative measures for reconciliation.

Lesson 7         Impeccability of Christ � The sinless nature of the Lord Jesus Christ is proven beyond question, therefore, exalting His perfection and deity.

Lesson 8         Place of the Dead � A study as to what happens when one dies, dealing with both saved and lost.



Lesson 1         Hebrews � A verse-by-verse study showing how the book of Hebrews is relevant to Christianity today.

Lesson 2         Seven Baptisms � A complete coverage of this subject is traced from Genesis to Revelation, while unveiling the one true Spirit baptism that places one into the body of Christ.

Lesson 3         Seven Judgments � God�s judgments are separated and put in their place, elevating the substitutionary work of Christ and how He was judged for the believer�s sin on Calvary.

Lesson 4         The Second Coming � The promised return of the Saviour is studied, warning the lost to be prepared and the prepared to be looking and waiting for the Advent.


Lesson 5         Holy Living � This lesson is a reminder to us that as God is Holy so should we be holy in all manner of our members and minds.

Lesson 6         The Mysteries of God � A study of the things that God has hidden from the world, revealing an overview of the ages from Alpha to Omega.

Lesson 7         Temptation � The subject speaks for itself, however, the subtleties of the serpent and our sinful nature need to be illuminated in light of this ever-present problem.


Lesson 1         Romans � The most doctrinal book in the Word of God defines and expounds on justification, sanctification, imputation and separation, along with sin, salvation, sovereignty and service.

Lesson 2         Spiritual Meditation � What the Word says about what our innermost thoughts should be focused upon.  Not to be confused with what the world meditates upon.

Lesson 3         Sources of Tension � This study will make the student aware of certain pitfalls that tend to hinder the Christian walk. 

Lesson 4         Conquer Impure Thoughts � This is a much needed insight into the Christian�s mind and his daily struggle to cast down imaginations.

Lesson 5         Knowing God�s Will � How to know God�s personal, individual will for oneself.

Lesson 6         First Fruits � A treatise on the beneficial Fruits of the Spirit that should be evidenced in the life of every believer.

Lesson 7         Be Ye Holy � A study on how righteousness in the life of a Christian will benefit him, not only in the life to come, but in this life also.

Lesson 8         Purpose in Trial � We do not always understand God�s testing and means to Glorify Him and grow in grace.  This course teaches us the Lord�s reasons for what He allows.


Lesson 1         Bible Doctrines � Here the major doctrines of the Hoy Writ are examined and defined by comparing Scripture with Scripture.  The student will not only learn what he is, but why he is what he is.

Second Year Courses of Study:



Lesson 1         Overcoming Sinful Habits � An up close and personal look at the sins that do so easily beset us, and some solutions that the Book affords us.

Lesson 2         Soul Sleep � Answers to what happens to the soul after death are plainly and simply laid out in God�s Word.

Lesson 3         Backsliding � All Christians are guilty of this on a regular basis, when we view ourselves honestly.  This study helps us recognize it and get back to forward progress presently.

Lesson 4         Preaching Techniques I � The fundamentals every preacher should know, written by someone who knows from experience.


Lesson 1         Galatians � The vindication of the Gospel of the grace of God from any mixture of works through the law.

Lesson 2         Sins Unto Death � Even though the wages of sin is death, there are some sins that sinners and saint alike can commit that evoke an irrevocable and premature sentence.

Lesson 3         The Fear of the Lord � This misunderstood and misdefined term is understood and defined according to God�s precious Book.

Lesson 4         Time of the Crucifixion � The pieces for the time of this passionate event is put together by simple verse comparison.

Lesson 5         Doubtful Disputations � The things not clearly spelled out in Scripture are examined by what is clearly spelled out
                        in Scripture.

Lesson 6         Hindrances to Prayer � Every one whose names are written in the Lamb�s Book of Life should be aware of what will affect one�s relationship to his Heavenly Father in this life.

Lesson 7         Preaching Techniques II � More fundamentals every preacher should know.


Lesson 1         I Peter � Preparation for victory over suffering is the main theme with a special emphasis on the atonement and the believer�s service in view of these events.

Lesson 2         Christian Principals of Finance � What the Bible reveals about God�s way of doing business, which is the exact opposite of the world�s philosophy on finance.


Lesson 1         The Home � God�s divine order and purpose for the family are revealed in this study.  Every family member�s role and boundaries are Scripturally defined and delineated.

Lesson 2         Dispensational Salvation � Incontrovertible evidence that God saves, has saved and will always save by faith and grace alone through all dispensations.

Lesson 3         The Controlled Life � Teaches the student that who he allows to control his life is of the utmost importance. 

Lesson 4         James � The theme of James is that outward religious service is not proof of an inward righteous faith.  We learn that the works in James is not in contrast to the faith in Romans.


Third Year Courses of Study:


Lesson 1         I Corinthians � A most important book, dealing with Christian conduct and disorder in the church. 

Lesson 2         Bible and Science � Even though the Bible is not a science book per se, its scientific facts are pointed out here far in advance of the scientific community�s discoveries of such.

Lesson 3         Christian Relationship to the Law � Law and grace are paralleled in the New Testament as our liberties in Christ are profiled against Old Testament obligations.

Lesson 4         Confession � The child of God�s access to the Father through the Son of God when sin messes up our fellowship with God.

Lesson 5         Church Conflicts � An indispensable study of the many problems a church faces through the eyes of an experienced pastor with Scriptural solutions.

Lesson 6         Christian Principals of Health � Deals with the cause of all diseases, their prevention and cures according to proper diet.

Lesson 7         Genuine Love � An in depth study of the love of God, love for God, and love for others.


Lesson 1         Mark � the scope and intent of Mark is to portray Jesus as Jehovah�s servant that came to minister.  He is the mighty worker rather than the master teacher.

Lesson 2         II Peter � Traces the origin of false teachers, their deviation from truth, and the Christians defenses through the truth.  We are reminded of the return of the Saviour, His judgment and our subsequent obligation to godliness.

Lesson 3         The Five Offerings - The Old Testament offerings are typified in respect to the Saviour�s holiness, perfection and vicarious atonement.

Lesson 4         The Feasts � The Old Testament feasts typify the Saviour�s redemption for the saints, communion with the saints and resurrection of the saints along with Israel�s promise of regathering and repentance.

Lesson 5         Divorce and Remarriage � No domestic topic has been more abused and misused than this subject within the church.  This study presents the clear guidelines of Scripture.

Lesson 6         Balanced Christian Growth � This is one of the greatest needs of every day, evangelical Christianity in these last days, as the new creature in Christ moves from milk to meat to maturity.

Lesson 7         Creation Week � The creation, the fall and redemption of man are brought out in this study typically presenting the new birth and the progressive self-revelation of God.  The age long problem of sin is introduced along with God�s divine solution.


Course descriptions coming soon.



Course descriptions coming soon.


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