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Change offering donations assist in printing and other costs

Prison Coin Bank March

We ask our church facilitators who sponsor a Bible School to allow us to place a coin bank in the church for a children’s coin march.  The bank is hand-made by an inmate and is shaped like a prison.  We ask that you pick a regular time to allow the children of the church to walk around and collect change from the adults to put in the bank.  Some churches do this at an evening service, some at Sunday school assembly, others do this at special designated times.  We ask that as the money begins to accumulate, you roll the change and send Prison Bible School a check for the proceeds.  This money will be used to operate these schools that we provide free of charge to the inmate and facility.  There are some churches that do not have a prison ministry at this time, but have a bank and support this ministry also.  Your prayerful consideration is greatly appreciated.


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